Understanding your Skin Tone for Foundation. How do I choose?

So how do you find what colour foundation to use?

The three main TONES are Light, Medium or Deep

The main three UNDERTONES are Cool, Warm and Neutral


Light: Light or fair skin tones tend to historically derive from northern European countries which faced frequent snow or cloud coverage, and therefore did not need much melanin protection. Paler people are usually very sensitive to the sun and burn easily.

Medium: Medium complexions are typical of Southern Europe and Northern Asian descent. Olive skin belongs in this group too. You probably tan well in the sun.

Dark: Dark complexions typically originate from parts of the world that have the most exposure to the sun, such as the Middle East, India, and Africa.


Tp find your undertone, grab a mirror and get into some bright, natural light.

Cool: Skin has red and pink with bluish hints

you probably suit silver jewellery better

your wrist veins look blue/purple

you suit clothing and makeup shades in blues, purples and emerald

Warm: Skin has yellow, peachy and golden hues

you probably suit gold jewellery better

your wrist veins look green/olive

you suit clothing and makeup shades in earthy tones of reds, oranges, yellows and

olive green

Neutral: Skin can have olive or a balanced mix of the shades above

you probably suit all jewellery colours

your wrist veins look blue/green

you suit clothing and makeup shades in dusky & rose pinks, light peach, sky blue and

jade green

My recommendation would be to explain your colour at a counter, or if buying online, ask the Live Chat to help you choose a colour. I often put a makeup that suits me onto some white plastic and literally hold it up to a zoomed image of the colour swatch!

For context, I have a light to medium tone, with warm olive undertone.

Hope this helps my beauties, and know you can email me with questions.

A colour wheel full of love, Helen xxx

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