My Promise to You

An odd start to the blogs my Beauties, but I have been so excited by the companies who are open to working with us ( that's you and me) to find the best products for our skin in our 40s, 50s, and upward. Our skin really changes and we need to try new things to give us an increase in moisture, to not result in clogging and to just feel natural on our skin.

My aim is to share with you techniques for makeup and skincare.I will only recommend products I love and believe to be a great fit. I certainly will not advise anything that doesn't work. If you have been one of my clients over the years you will know that to be true. I am not paid to make the films I make.

The products I use will be mainly bought by myself. I realise it may seem suspicious that companies work by (hopefully in the future) sending me stuff to try, or sending me offers to share, but consider this my contract with you that I will always give you a 100% true verdict of their product.

Some of the links I do share in the video descriptions are with affiliates, but not all are. If you are happy to click on these links then that will support Iconix Beauty with Helen and help me buy more products to try for you!

Please note that if you have sensitive skin and/or have a dermatologist who takes care of your skin, then please ask for advice before using products. We all have different skin and I am not a dermatologist. Some products are expensive and could be considered an investment purchase, so it's wise to test a product for adverse reactions before you buy. You can always ask them via their website for a sample if you feel your skin may react.

Any queries, please ask

Big Love, Helen x

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Why subscribe?

I hate it when you get emails everyday from companies, and I guarantee that won't happen.

My idea is that when i get discount codes from my favourite cosmetic companies who do great products for us, that suit our skin, then I may send them to you if i have a couple. It may happen once a month-ish

Sound good? We all love a bargain, especially when some favourites are expensive! 

Maybe I'll add a written blog notification too. 

big love, helen xx

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