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Real life beauty tips and hacks for real women in their 40s, 50s and beyond. I am also going to share my going grey journey that I am currently on. I hope to encourage more women to enjoy their unique beauty, to stop wishing they are different from their own utterly particular self and not be afraid of buying beauty products to feel the best you can feel.

I say: you are loved, you have your own lovely personality and you are my kind of beautiful.


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I hate it when you get emails everyday from companies, and I guarantee that won't happen.

My idea is that when i get discount codes from my favourite cosmetic companies who do great products for us, that suit our skin, then I may send them to you if i have a couple. It may happen once a month-ish

Sound good? We all love a bargain, especially when some favourites are expensive! 

Maybe I'll add a written blog notification too. 

big love, helen xx

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